Pests-&-TipsFleas have been recorded as a significant health threat for centuries. In the Middle Ages, the spread of the bubonic plague devastated human population. Although the bubonic pathogen still exists today, it is extremely rare.

Currently the most common problems caused by fleas are the reactions to the bites on the skin. Some people have an allergic reaction which can cause extreme discomfort. Infections can result from excessive scratching due to skin irritation. Tapeworms can be transmitted by fleas due to accidental ingestion of the fleas. In other words, it is not a good idea to ignore flea problems.

If you own pets, it is very important to treat your pet as part of a flea control program. The feedback we receive from pet owners indicates certain systemics seem to work the best. We are happy to share the information given to us by customers; however, it is always recommended that you consult with a veterinarian.

Unfortunately many remedies for fleas such as certain spices, essential oils, salt, diatomaceous earth, boric acid, and even non professional foggers have a limited effect. This blood sucking insect has a 4-stage life cycle and all 4 stages need to be accounted for to obtain control.

Professional modern developments in interior flea control frequently achieve results with one or two treatments. In usual circumstances, multiple treatments may be necessary but are much less common than in the past.

Exterior control of fleas commonly requires multiple treatments because it is a much less controlled environment. Fleas can be easily reintroduced by feral cats and other animals. Moisture conditions are much less controlled as well as unknown conditions on nearby properties. Sunlight accelerates the breakdown of treatment material further complicating control. Significant reduction outside is certainly achievable; however, customers must be prepared for an investment of time and resources.

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