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In recent years, spiders have become common pests in many properties, both residential and commercial. However, while some spider species don’t pose any danger to humans, they can bite when provoked, resulting in health complications.

The most common spider species in Southern California are the brown and black widows whose bites are extremely painful. The female brown widow, for example, is poisonous. Thus, if it bites you, seek immediate medical attention.

Many people have an irrational fear of spiders, which is known as arachnophobia. Therefore they can be a nightmare to have in your property. They like lurking in dark areas in your home such as…

• High shelves and dark corners
• Potted plants
• Stationery garbage cans
• Sheds and outhouses
• Old clothes and shoes

If you have a spider infestation in your home, sweeping their webs, squishing them, and throwing them away is not an effective method of control. This is because you are attacking the symptom instead of eliminating the root cause of the infestation.


Here are some secrets that keep spiders away from your home for good.

1. Clean Daily

Spiders thrive in uninhabited areas and cracks in your home because they can nest and mark their territories without any disturbance. Hence, cleaning your house daily is a great way to ensure spiders don’t invade such spaces.

You can quickly get rid of dust and spider webs by vacuuming and de-cluttering regularly. The more active you are with your cleaning, the less likely spiders and other crawling creatures will inhabit your house.

2. Get Rid of Insects

Having insects such as fleas, bugs, and ants in your home is like welcoming spiders to your house since they feed on insects. Therefore, the first step to keeping spiders away from your home is by getting rid of insects. For instance, since insects are attracted to light, make it a habit to turn off your outdoor lights at night.

Alternatively, you can install insect traps in your home, especially in problem areas like your attic, basement, and baseboards. Also, avoid leaving your windows and doors open since insects can crawl into your house.

3. Get a Cat

Many people underestimate the power of having a cat as a home pet. They not only scare rodents such as mice and rats away from your home but also hunt down any spiders crawling around your space.

Getting a cat is a safe method of keeping spiders out of your home as it doesn’t involve the use of any chemicals. However, spiders can hurt animals too; thus, use caution if you suspect your spiders are poisonous.

4. Use Vinegar or Citrus

Vinegar is a natural spider repellent that you can make at home by mixing white vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture in all the dark areas in your home or places you suspect there may be spiders.

Alternatively, you can use citrus such as limes, oranges, and lemons to keep spiders away from your house as they smell terrible to them. Place citrus peelings in different areas of your home and replace them once they dry out.

5. Hire a Professional

The quickest and most convenient secret to keeping spiders out of your home is seeking the help of a professional exterminator. An expert will not only assess the type of spider species invading your home but also provide environmentally safe ways to eradicate them.

Allied Services Pest Elimination is a residential Pest control and commercial exterminator that can help you keep spiders away from your home. Call our phone number 858-538-2777 today to reach our pest control experts.