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Across the United States, over nine out of every ten pest control management agencies say they have encountered bed bug problems in their area. They have also been found in every state across our nation. As well as inside homes, they have been found in places as diverse as movie theaters and five-star hotels; as well as both daycare centers and schools. Here are five things you might not know about bed bugs.

bed bug

1. They’re not a recent infestation

In fact, bed bugs were causing havoc in both Europe and Asia as long ago as in days of the Roman Empire. It’s been suggested that they originated in the Middle East, perhaps from times when humans lived in caves. They were first found in England during the 16th century and crossed the Atlantic in ships from Europe to what was then The New World.

2. They are famed for their persistence!

Unlike problems like the common cold which will run its course and then leave you in peace, bed bugs are not casual and occasional visitors. Just one pregnant female, left behind after treatment, could start the process of infestation all over again. This is why it’s so important to take maximally-effective action against these persistent critters. Because bed bugs are swift multipliers and can go for prolonged periods without enjoying the taste of your blood, it’s vital to eliminate every single one. If they are on the skin, they can be washed away in the shower – they don’t like water or the cold- but this is only ever a partial solution. If temperatures drop below freezing, it is likely to kill some of them, too. However, bed bugs can enter a state much like hibernation and will wait for temperatures to rise again. The only real solution is to hire residential pest control experts.

3. They’re a transferable problem

They can be transported from one property to another, as they have been known to hide in so many places, including ones you might not consider such as kids’ toys. Like persistent hitchhikers, they will arrive on luggage, holdalls, as well as in clothing. Buying used furniture could be another source for them to find a way into your home; and in buildings with apartments, they can easily move from one to another. However, it’s good to know that bed bugs neither live nor lay eggs on actual humans!

4. Their saliva contains anesthetic

Bed bugs are attracted by body heat and the carbon dioxide that we breathe out, usually feeding at night. They bite in different places and some sufferers can appear to have a ‘line’ of bites. When they do bite, the victim is unlikely to feel anything as their saliva contains a form of anesthetic.

5. It is possible to see bed bugs

Although they are usually 7mm or less in length, it is possible to spot them. Flat, oval-shaped creatures, they are usually red, brown or tan in color. On beds, they are often spotted around the seams, piping, and tags on a mattress; they can also infest cracks in either the headboard or bedframe. Incidentally, it’s easy to associate such an infestation with what you might call ‘dirty’ home conditions; but actually, decay is not an attractant for them. All they seek is a food source – and sadly that could be you or your family!

Call in the experts

Considering all of the above, it’s easy to appreciate how important it is to use effective and reliable expert professional residential pest control help in eradicating this spiteful and often persistent problem. Here in San Diego, this surely means the Allied Services Pest Elimination team; and we can be reached right here.