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Rats and mice are a common nuisance in many residential and commercial properties since they are closely linked to humans. This is because people provide adequate dwellings such as food, shelter, and water for rodents to thrive. Unfortunately, a rodent infestation in your home exposes you and your loved ones to diseases.

Additionally, these creatures can destroy your furniture, tear up your walls, chew your electrical wires, and eat most if not all of your stored food. Therefore, getting rid of rats and mice is vital if you want to have a clean, rodent-free home.


Here are 5 tips that can help you keep rodents out of your home.

1. Fill in Cracks, Gaps, and Holes

Rodent-proofing your house is an effective method for preventing a mice infestation in the first place or keeping them from increasing in your home. However, rats and mice can squeeze into the smallest of openings, making it difficult to eliminate all entry points.

If you aren’t sure whether a rodent can fit through a gap or not, place a pencil in the crack. If it fits, a mouse can also fit through. Start by sealing all cracks in your foundation, walls, vents, and utility pipes, but don’t use any plastic, wood, or rubber material as rodents can chew through them.

2. Get Pest Control Services

The most effective method for keeping rodents out of your home is calling a certified exterminator. Rats can be dangerous; thus, calling an expert is a wise option that guarantees the safety of you and your loved ones.

A professional rodent exterminator will also give you better results in getting rid of rodents since they have experience in pest control.

3. Use Mouse Traps

Mouse traps are effective for keeping mice and rats away in ongoing infestations. For example, if you have light to moderate rodent populations, you can use mouse traps to eliminate them. To get the best results, it’s always a good idea to set many different traps.

You can use bait traps, wooden traps, glue traps, and multiple-capture live traps. However, ensure they are safe as mouse traps can be a danger to your children and pets.

4. Remove Their Habitat

Rodents like living in cluttered, hidden, dark places or near heat sources. For instance, if you have piles of wood in your garage or an old unused car, there is a high chance rodents have made it their home. Thus, get rid of any clutter in your house that may breed rats and mice. You should also check your kitchen cabinets or pantries as some mice like to hide there for easy access to food.

5. Practice Good Sanitation

One of the reasons why rodents have infested your home is poor sanitation. For instance, leaving your garbage open, storing food in open containers, and leaving crumbs of food on your kitchen floor will attract rats and mice. To avoid this, always vacuum your floors and store food in airtight containers.

You should also wipe down your counters after cooking and throw out your garbage daily. Unfortunately, rodents have sharp teeth that can bite through garbage bags. Thus, ensure your bin is as far away from your home as possible to keep rats away.

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Rodents are one of the most frustrating pests you can have in your home since they are a “living nightmare.” They not only contaminate your food but also harbor diseases and damage your property. It’s vital to keep rodents away from your home before they expand and create a colony.

At Allied Services Pest Elimination, we can help you keep rodents away from your home. Call us today at 858-538-2777, to get rid of rodents in your house.