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Ant Control Services in San Diego

Ants have now surpassed all other bugs as the number one pest species in the country. We frequently hear it is impossible to get rid of all the ants in a house. This is not true!

Due to the advances in ant control technology, it is now possible to rid a structure of ants completely. In order to take advantage of these new technologies, our applications are much more thorough than the industry standard. Service frequencies may vary slightly; however, 4 visits per year are normally enough.

Commercial Properties, Hotels or Motels may require a higher visitation rate because the land and building use is more intense.












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In California, there are several ant types to consider. For most customers, Harvester ants and Argentine ants make up the vast majority of ant problems in San Diego County. Argentine ants are by far the most numerous and usually the most difficult to control.

It is much easier to stop the ants before they enter a structure. If the consumer has tried to control them using the incorrect plan, the problem can become worse than if they had done nothing at all.

Our combination of materials and application techniques gives us a nearly 100 percent success rate. That’s why so many tell us we’re the best ant killer in the San Diego area. We can’t wait to provide stellar services if you have an ant infestation, keep reading to learn about what we can do for you!



Argentine ants are the most common pest ant species in California. They are 2.2 to 2.6 millimeters long. They range in color from light brown to nearly black in color. They have no natural enemies in the U.S. This species frequently supplant all other ants when they have invaded a specific piece of ground.

Their colonies often contain thousands of members. When one colony encounters another colony of Argentine ants, they do not battle. It is not uncommon for several colonies to combine and form one large super colony. In some instances the queens can number in the 100’s. If the queens are killed in one section of a large colony, these ants will try to replace them from another area.

Improper control measures can cause colonies to splinter. When this occurs, each individual colony will maximize its breeding potential and increase the total number of ants both inside and outside a structure.

This ant is a true omnivore and will feed on nearly any food source. Like all creatures, ants require water. This requirement allows better targeting for control in structures.



The California Harvester ant is about ¼ inch (6mm) long and light red in color. Their nest has a small mound of dirt around the entrance. Areas around the nest are generally vegetation free and may range from 3 feet to 35 feet. It is not unusual to find them in large groups with multiple entrances.

This species becomes very active in the summer time due to the rising temperature in the area. They are great lovers of sunlight and are most frequently found where there is continuous sun exposure, especially in East County. On properties with large areas of exposed dirt they can be of great concern.

The good news is that they rarely invade a structure. The bad news is that, when disturbed, they become very aggressive and will deliver a nasty bite. The poison they inject can be quite painful. When multiple bites occur, it is wise to seek medical help. When these ants are observed on a property, we recommend contacting an expert ant exterminator at our company, immediately. Don’t worry, you won’t be “bugging” us!

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