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Do the chemicals you use have a bad odor?

Very few modern materials have a really heavy odor. However, there are a couple of formulations that have some odor. Almost all flea chemistries have some residual smell. The days of an exterminator making your home, inside or outside, smell for long periods of time are over.

Do you guarantee your work?

We stand behind all of our work. Should any problems arise within a reasonable amount of time after the completion of the job, we will return for no extra charge, completely hassle-free.

How do I know if I need exterminating?

A professional exterminator is needed any time a pest situation causes you discomfort. Generally, if you are looking at pest control websites, you probably have already reached this threshold.

How long do I have to leave the premises?

The nature of our methods frequently do not require you to leave your home. Flea treatments are the hard exception due to current technologies.

I have a bunch of pests.

Multiple pests frequently require different types of materials to alleviate them. In some cases pest applications can overlap for multiple targets. Each case is different depending upon the types of pests involved.

What about pets and children?

Many times it is not necessary to evacuate your pets or children for pest control treatment. The sensitivities of the pets and any individuals must be taken into consideration. It should be noted that we have made thousands of applications without people having to evacuate their homes.

What about the environment?

We make no applications that would be considered environmentally unsound by any regulatory agency.

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