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It seems that cockroaches have increasingly become synonymous with American homes. No matter what you do to keep the critters from invading your space, they always seem to find their way into your kitchen and bathroom areas. Contrary to what some may believe, you do not have to live with cockroaches. There are ways to prevent an infestation in your home.

First: Keep Your Home Clean

keep clean

Roaches come for food and water, so they thrive off a home that is unkempt. Maintaining a strong cleaning schedule is the best way to ensure that critters do not find a resting place in your residence. Do not leave food out overnight even if you think that roaches are not attracted to what you refuse to store. Roaches also love pet food, which means that you feed them and your furry friend when you do not properly store such goods.

It is also important to keep your home free of crumbs. Vacuum your dining area every night and other areas of your home at least two times per week. Do not forget to thoroughly clean your appliances either. Roaches love when you forget to wipe underneath the stove’s eyes or when you forgo cleaning around the refrigerator’s borders. Your negligence gives them a reason to stay.

It may not be a bad idea to limit where you eat so that you do not run the risk of missing a spot. Many choose to resign all eating to the kitchen table so that cleanup is easier after a meal.

Second: Close All Entry Points

holes in walls

Old apartment buildings are often prone to roach infestations because of the tendency for the critters to live in walls. Your best option when renting space in an edifice as such is to close all entry points.

Caulk is your best friend as you can use the substance to plug holes and seal cracks. You should also ensure that the weather stripping around your door is intact. It is not uncommon for American cockroaches to enter the home through the door in search of water.

Third: Empty The Trash

empty trash to keep cockroaches out

It is amazing how many people clean their homes from top to bottom only to leave out the trash in the end. Roaches have a way of finding food and going to the source regardless of the cleanliness of the house. You run the risk of opening your trash can lid to a host of bugs when you let garbage build up in your home for days. Such is especially true when you do not rinse leftover food from containers before disposing of them.

You should make it a practice to take out the trash on a daily basis. Missing a day will likely do nothing but hinder your efforts to keep roaches out. Waiting until the end of the week to clear garbage from your home may come with negative effects.

It is also a good idea to clear out clutter on a continuous basis. Roaches love to hide underneath papers and cardboard. You should, therefore, make it a practice to go through old mail and other documents for which you no longer have use to prevent buildup.

Fourth: Call An Exterminator

how to keep cockroaches out

You should contact an exterminator at the first sight of a cockroach. Such is true even if you manage to kill the critter. One roach is usually a sign of thousands of critters living in your walls. These pests are waiting for the right time to settle into your dwelling place.

A skilled professional will evaluate your roach problem and create a treatment plan that addresses the problem head-on. We are trained experts in the field of pests and extermination. Call us today to schedule an appointment to rid yourself of the roach problem that wreaks havoc on your home and life.