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How to Prepare

For a Visit

See below for instructions when scheduling pest control.

Taking Control of Pest Control

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Many times it is not necessary to leave your home for exterminating. If you are in a situation whereby children cannot be kept away from areas where applications are made, then leaving may be necessary. Anytime residents feel that they wish to leave during treatment due to unusual allergies or other sensitivities, evacuation should occur. Here are a few tips to prepare for a visit from us.

It is mandatory to leave for flea or bedbug treatments. Reoccupation for these type of treatments is not recommended for at least 2-3 hours, or until all odor is gone. Other more stringent rules apply for whole house tenting for bedbugs.

For any outside treatment regardless of pest, animal waste must be removed. Pets should be indoors. All areas are safe after the treatment has dried. In some instances, there may be some odor. It dissipates quickly and has not generated any complaints. It is always a good idea to have periodic landscaping and lawn mowing completed before our visit. In instances where major landscaping changes are planned, treatment before and after the landscaping is completed may be recommended. Lack of preparation in all cases may negatively affect treatment efficancy.



Inside Treatment – Preparation requires removal of all personal articles of clothing, etc., from the floors. The inside perimeter of the residence should be clear of obstacles such as magazines, toys, boxes, etc. We will move furniture or heavy objects when possible. Any affected cabinets should be emptied to avoid contamination. It is always advantageous to have mowing and landscaping done before our visit.

Outside Treatment- Please move as much material as possible away from the perimeter of the house and fence lines. Please pay special attention to children’s toys and pets toys. Removal of debris allows us to be more effective.



Getting ready for treatments for American or Oriental cockroaches is nearly identical to getting ready for ants. These insects invariably come from outside. Although the treatment is not the same as for ants, the preparation is nearly the same. Please refer to the section for ant treatments to prepare for this pest.

German cockroaches require extensive participation by residents. All kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets including medicine cabinets need to be cleared. When moving articles out of the cabinets, it is important to place items in a manner which does not impede the ability of the technician to access all affected areas. Do not place materials in front of your refrigerator as we will have to move it to access space behind and under this appliance. Faceplates in affected areas should be removed from switches and electrical outlets and placed in a sealable bag so that the plates and screws are not lost.



It is important to note the following cleaning regimens for fleas. Steam cleaning or other types of commercial carpet cleaning should occur before flea treatments. Frequent vacuuming may help remove some of the life stages of the flea. However, in some circumstances it could spread or even re-infest an area. Any insecticidal dust will help mitigate this problem and should be run through the vacuum if it is suspected of harboring fleas.

Inside Treatment – Preparation requires removal of all articles from the floor including under beds and closets. We realize that closets in particular can be difficult to prepare. It is important to understand that any unprepared areas may affect the results of the service. Heavy boxes, etc., that were in the closets before the flea problem occurred, do not need to be moved. Unlike preparing for ants, articles cannot be placed on furniture. It is necessary to treat couches, chairs, etc., for the treatment to achieve the best outcome (you may put as much as you want on beds). If you have a fish tank, it must be covered. Obviously pets must not be present during treatment.

Outside Treatment – Outside treatment for fleas is not as common today as it was in the past. When outside treatment is necessary, it is critical that clutter be removed. Any untreatable area will cause a greater risk of treatment failure. Added visits and expense to alleviate the fleas is a common result.

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