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Ants are everywhere and for most homeowners, they represent a major problem. They’re constantly on the lookout for food and your home is full of delicious items to choose from.

Throwing away contaminated food can put a undue strain on your budget, and with the average person spending more than $7,700 on food each year, the less you waste, the more money you save.

Keeping ants outside where they belong is the best way to protect your home and your pantry.

Wondering how to stop ants from getting inside your house? Here are a few simple tips to help.

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Keep Your Home Clean

When ants get inside your house, they’re actively looking for food. They’re scavengers and love to find easy access to the food in your kitchen.

Even small crumbs, spills, and debris inside your home are enough to catch their attention.

Whenever possible, keep your home clean and free of food debris. Vacuum each room at least once a week and pick up messes as they happen. And avoid leaving dirty dishes to soak in the sink.

And get in the habit of wiping down your kitchen and dining area after every meal. This will get rid of most food debris and greatly reduces the chances of ants finding food in your house.

Seal Up Drafts and Cracks

Ants are stubborn and determined creatures, but they always look for the path of least resistance into your home. In most homes, this means they’ll slip in through cracks in the window sill, space along the bottom of your doors, and even through holes in the wall.

Inspect these areas for damage regularly. If you notice any cracks or larger spaces, seal the area with caulk and weather stripping. As a general rule, if you can feel a draft, ants can get in.

Blocking those entrances off will keep most ants out.

Once you’re done, stay vigilant. Keep watching for ants inside your house and seal up any areas that might let them inside. If you can’t or aren’t comfortable handling the job yourself, find a general contractor to take care of the task.

Use Airtight Food Storage Containers

When you put your food away, you probably just close the bag and put it back in the cabinet. This is fine unless you have an ant problem on your hands.

Even if you close the packaging enough to keep the contents from spilling out, it’s not enough to keep ants from finding it.

Instead, you’ll want to store your food in airtight storage containers. This keeps the ants from finding this as a food source. But it also helps keep food fresher longer.

You’ll end up cutting down on your food waste as products won’t go stale and you won’t have to toss them because they’re crawling with ants.

Be On the Lookout for Foragers

Ant infestations don’t have to, but they can start with a single ant finding a food source. The colony sends many ants out to find food, water, and shelter for the group.

If one of them finds something, the rest of the colony may follow. Squish them with your fingers or use a paper towel or tissue.

You don’t have to worry about spraying them with insecticide when they’re running around on your kitchen counters.

If they don’t come back, the colony will not know about anything found in your home. This delays the infestation, even if it doesn’t prevent it. You’ll still need to take additional measures to keep the ants outside where they belong.

Eliminate Their Scent Trails

Foragers do more than just find sources of food and water for the rest of the colony. They leave a trail for other ants to follow. This means even if you kill them, others may still find their way inside your house.

Using household sprays and cleaners will be necessary to remove the feramone trails left by foragers. Spray the area where you saw the ants thoroughly. Once it’s wet, wipe it down with a paper towel. Also, follow the trail as far as you can to their point of entry into your house.

You’ll get a clean surface out of the deal and ants won’t be able to track the scent inside your house.

Keep in mind that this will help keep the rest of the colony from making it inside your house. But it won’t get rid of any ants already in your home. You’ll need to get rid of them completely to fully protect your house from an infestation.

Schedule Regular Treatments

Believe it or not, pest control experts can help establish a perimeter around your home. This helps keep ants out even if your house isn’t in pristine shape.

But you do need to stay on top of those preventative ant control treatments. Scheduling regular appointments is key to preventing future infestations at a very reasonable cost. Call us immediately if you notice an ant nest on your property.

Professionals have the right tools in place to get rid of the colonies quickly. And once they get rid of them, you won’t have to worry about ants slipping into your home or stealing your food.

Remember, ant colonies can extend across your property, and neighboring properties. Most DIY pest removal methods aren’t enough to get rid of an entire colony for good, and can sometimes make the problem worse.

how to keep ants out

Stop Worrying About How to Stop Ants

These methods will help keep ants from coming into your house. But the best solution to stop ants is working with a pest control company with decades of experience.

Don’t let an infestation take root on your property. Contact our team today and schedule an appointment.

We’ll get rid of the ants for you so you can focus on enjoying your home.