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Pests-&-TipsThe very sound of the word warms the hearts of exterminators throughout the country. This is the pest many pest control companies have built their reputation on. Elimination of this pest is difficult for the average consumer. Many of the over the counter remedies don’t work well with each other. Some of the products can even make the problem worse. If you are very sure about which procedures to use, go ahead and proceed with your elimination plan. If you are not sure, call a professional first. In the event that you have tried to eliminate the problem yourself and then called a professional out of frustration, make sure you let them know what you have tried.

Roaches contaminate in many different ways. When they eat they regurgitate their food spreading the bacterial or viral contents of their stomachs on various surfaces. Another lovely habit they have is defecating in many different places. Charmingly enough, the majority of people are allergic to roaches and the debris they leave behind.

In California we have three species that are of concern to the average citizen. German, Oriental and American cockroaches make up the bulk of roach pest invasions.

Oriental and American cockroaches are referred to as peridomestic pests. This means that they generally do not live inside with people but invade when conditions lead them to us. Frequently these conditions entail water and sewage situations of our own making. They are both relatively large species and are easy to tell apart. American roaches are large and usually brown. Oriental roaches are large and much darker in color usually black. The German roach is a true domestic pest. This means that their success rate as a species is highly dependent upon environments created by man. A full size German roach is much smaller than either of his cousins. They are around 3/4 inch or less in length and about 1/4 inch wide. The color is frequently referred to as light walnut or honey brown. Sometimes the immature stages of American or Oriental roaches are confused with adult German roaches.

Treatment for Oriental and American roaches is often very similar. When German cockroaches are living in the same structure with one of the other types, several phases of treatment frequently must occur. The treatment for domestic and peridomestic roaches cannot always be done at the same time.

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