Spider Control Expert in San Diego

Spider Control Expert in San DiegoSpiders are a non-colonial insect and function as individual predators. Not all spiders are medically significant and many times bites and swelling attributed to them are caused by other factors. From a medical standpoint, the most significant spiders in Southern California are black and brown widows. Brown widows are a non-native species which have supplanted black widows in some locations. In many locations, both live in the same areas.

Spiders in general  cause a primal fear. Exactly why is unknown. But their webs are unsightly and they evoke an emotional response for many people.

Successful treatment for spiders is extensive and may require multiple materials to control them. Regardless of the thoroughness of application, it is likely that some spiders will be present in the environs of almost all structures. What can be accomplished is a tremendous reduction in the spider population. Their populations can rebound between applications due to migration from other yards or properties. All of our customers see significant decreases in spider populations.

Service frequently varies from customer to customer with highly sensitive customers requiring higher frequency. The majority of people are able to tolerate the spider reduction accomplished by quarterly service. Keep in mind, as temperatures rise, so do the spider populations. A realistic result should be kept in mind as we try to walk the balance between population reduction and safe applications. Please call 858-538-2777 today for pricing and evaluation.

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