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Ants are often considered as one of the most intelligent insects on planet Earth. Not only do these little beings create colonies in which they reside, but ants also maintain their colonies by supplying those who live in the communities with food. Ants are highly effective when it comes to survival. You, therefore, need to take serious measures to rid your San Diego home of these pests.

What attracts ants?

Ants are attracted to your home by exposed food. Even cereal boxes may draw these pests to your home as they can take particles from the food back to their colonies. Ants are typically classified as insects that pursue sugar. There is more to these critters, however, that sweets.

It is not uncommon for ants to migrate towards bread crumbs and coffee grains. These small particles make for easy transporting and may be used to stock up for the winter months.

What are signs of an ant infestation?

One or two ants may appear to be nothing more than stray insects wandering into your home. A few ants, however, are often a sign of a bigger problem. These insects often send scouts to investigate the home before reporting back to the colony. It is not uncommon for two ants to lead to dozens populating the area in question within minutes. Homeowners should, therefore, not overlook one or two ants. Such may be a sign of a more significant issue.

Another sign of an ant infestation are colonies disguised as dirt hills or small indents in the earth. You will not spot an ant colony’s operations with the naked eye. These insects are savvy enough to create their kingdom underground so that predators cannot access their homes.

Ants typically create dirt mounds that protect their colonies. It is not uncommon for the insects to establish such mounds near your residence for more easier access to your kitchen or bathroom. You may have an infestation if you spot dirt hills near your doors or windows.

What about damp areas?

Carpenter ants typically migrate towards bathrooms and other areas where moisture resides. These insects are also attracted to wet wood, which may be used as hiding places during scout missions.

It is important to keep your home clear of moisture if you want to reduce the potential for an ant infestation. You may also consider following these tips if you think you already have an invasion.

Tips for those with infestations

The first thing you may consider when identifying a possible ant infestation is the trail. Ants by nature are creatures of habit. Scouts leave a chemical trail for others to follow after finding edible materials in the home. The purpose of such trails is to have a clear path by which the insects extract food.

You can cut down on the possibility of an infestation by following the path of scouting ants and using pesticide along the trail to discourage other ants from taking the route. Pesticide is certainly not a fix-all when it comes to controlling ant infestations. This tactic only works well when you know the exact source of the critters.

It may be better to consider ant baits when there are multiple entry points. Baits attract ants to them by offering food that the insects enjoy. The food, of course, is laced with poison, which effectively kills the colony because of the scouts’ tendency to take the bait back to others.

One of the many benefits associated with ant baits is their ability to be effective without posing harm to humans. You can place baits in your kitchen or bathroom without the fear of toxins spreading throughout your home.

Call an exterminator

It is not a good idea to attempt to handle an ant infestation on your own. These critters are often skilled when it comes to evading humans. Exterminators in San Diego can track down entry points and use effective tactics to rid your home of ants. Call today to schedule an appointment for service!